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Copy of Inoxi Set - Handle Both Sides Euro Outside

Product Code B-13-20-INOXIPZ
Price Includes VAT
For EL520 or EL526 Motor  Locks

This selection includes solutions for both solid and profile doors.

On the broader plate for solid doors (012) , the distance between the holes is 70 or 72 mm, and on the narrower plate (013) designed for profile doors, it is 92 mm.

Door thicknesses: 38-42mm, 43-47mm, 48-52mm, 53-57mm, 58-62mm.

Both a normal and a split spindle can be used with the fittings.
The fittings can be equipped with a pair of handles or a combination of a handle and a pull/push handle.
They are made of stainless steel, and the design of the plates follows modern trends.

Five different handle types are available: 3-19, 3-19s, 3-19ss, 3-19st and 24 .

The fittings have been tested according to EN standards, and with handle 3-19, they are approved for use according to standard EN179 with ABLOY EL520, EL420, EL560 and EL460.

They have also been tested and approved for use on fire doors according to standard EN1634-1.


1 - Left hand inward opening
2 - Right hand inward opening
3 - Left hand outward opening
4 - Right hand outward opening