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Package 9P Escape (EN1125)

Product Code K-20-PE580-50-9P
Price Includes VAT
Package 9P Escape (EN1125)
Package 9P Escape (EN1125) Package 9P Escape (EN1125) Package 9P Escape (EN1125) Package 9P Escape (EN1125)
What's Included
1. PE580 solenoid lock with LP712 strike
2. CY037 outside cylinder - Scandinavian
3. EA280 concealed door loop
4. PBE001 Abloy panic bar
5. 3-20/0321 handle set

Wood or metal door applications with handle operation. Inside panic bar always operates and
outside handle is controlled and activated on signal from access control system. Key override
at all times.

Technical Specification
Operating voltage: 12 V DC to 24 V DC stabilised (+15%-10%).
Current draw: 12 V DC 350 mA max 24 V DC 250 mA max.
Backset available: 50 mm.
Monitoring: RQE on panic bar, bolt position.

EN1125 when used with correct furniture
EN1303 (cylinder)